Why choose Arnaldi?

The experience we have gained in over 25 years of doing business has made us familiar with the most common difficulties facing the window and door frame manufacturer, including those associated with taking measurements and, most importantly, accurately determining structural profiles. To this end, Arnaldi Centinature puts its technical department at its customers’ disposal, so as to solve any problem related to structural profiles.

Our Company

Building on its previous experience in the window and door frame manufacturing industry and in working with aluminium, the purpose of Arnaldi’s new business is to offer distinctive, high-quality products.

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Pivot Windows

This window frame was conceived, designed and certified to make it possible to manufacture a circular, single-pane window with pivot hinges.

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Bending and Curving

Below you can find the profiles that we are equipped to shape as a matter of course, their respective minimum bending radii and notes on any specific problems that might occur while those given profiles are being shaped.

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Curved windows and doors

As a complement to our bending and curving service, our company also offers assembly services for curved windows and doors, using material provided by the client or, on request, using material on consignment.

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Waste Recycling and Disposal Areas

Another product that our company offers is waste recycling and disposal areas, or waste separation areas. These are fenced-off areas equipped for selective waste collection. Read more

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